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sAs Digital Aerials


What We Do

TV Aerial Installation

Satellite Dish Installations

Discreet Installations

TV & Satellite Cable Installations

TV Aerial & Dish Upgrades

TV, Radio Aerial & Dish Repairs

DAB Radio Aerial Installations

FM Radio Aerial Installations

Digital TV & HD Upgrades

TV Wall Mount Installations

Monitor Wall Mount Installations

Multi–Room System Installations

Multi–Room System Upgrades

Satellite, HD System Installations

Satellite & HD Systems Set Up

Satellite & HD System Upgrades

TV & Radio Broadcast Systems

Satellite & Top Box Tuning

No Signal Issue


  • The checking of TV Aerial / Satellite Dish Alignment & Positioning

  • Checking of External and Internal Cabling For Signal Loss

  • Checking of All Connected Aerial / Satellite Points

  • Checking Of Home Distribution Network / Amplifiers

  • Checking/Tuning of Connected Components (such as TV, Sky, Freeview etc)

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  • New generation UHF LTE HD digital TV aerial system

  • Ideal for good signal areas

  • High quality, reliable digital viewing

  • HD, LCD, OLED, QLED TV compatible

  • Twin tuner DVDRs and FREEVIEW box compatible

  • Includes mast/pole and fixing clamps

  • Includes UV screened cabling and wall bracket

  • Includes TV set up and / or tuning

Aerials Wigan

Specialists in installation and servicing all kinds of domestic satellite dishes.

We can install and service your Sky and satellite equipment for satellite TV.

. Freesat Dishes
. Dish installation on roofs
. Sky Dish position relocation
. Garden Mounted Dishes

. SKY Q L.N.B changing

We only use high quality parts and materials installed with state of the art test equipment for a great signal that will stand the test of time.

sas digital aerials
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