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What is Starlink Internet? Starlink Internet service is provided by a satellite system. It is an alternative service to the likes of BT, Virgin or any other broadband provider and who you typically think of as your broadband choices.

Professional Installation

For those more permanent and less obtrusive installations, or for those of you requiring the professional touch, talk to us we are an Approved Starlink Installer.

Good examples of why you may seek the services of a professional include:

  • technical issues

  • installations on roof locations or at height

  • additional brackets/hardware

  • line of site issues due to obstructions

  • discreet installations

As above you may wish to give it a go and if successful, sit back and enjoy your new high speed internet service.. but, if things get a little too technical, or your home and garden requires an expert opinion on where best to locate your Starlink then contact us an Approved Starlink Installer.

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Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe.

Starlink Preston
Starlink Wigan
Starlink Wigan
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